Crowdfunding Pays Off For Black Stars

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levarburtoncrowdfundingLeVar Burton and other celebrities have turned to crowdfunding to fund their new projects. Evita Robinson, Travel blogger/Crowdfunding consultant and Rodney Sampson, Social media consultant joined Roland Martin Friday on ?NewsOne Now? to explain how Spike Lee, Salli Richardson and Don Cheadle are using crowdfunding to bring their creative ideas to life.

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Crowdfunding Site Pozible Promotes Chinese Innovators

By Damon Poeter, April 24, 2014 06:23pm EST
Western-based crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo now have company in the race to bring great ideas to market.

Pozible Gyenno One Wristband/Credit: Pozible

Kickstarter and Indiegogo have company. Pozible is a competing crowdfunding platform, but with a twist—the site targets projects and startups originating with Chinese innovators.

Western-based crowdfunding sites have been a fantastic means for bringing strong ideas to market at a pace unimaginable just a few years ago, with examples ranging from the Pebble smartwatch to the Veronica Mars feature film. But Pozible co-founder and director Rick Chen thinks projects emerging from China represent a vast, untapped market for investors looking for ideas worth backing.

“Most of the world equates China with mass-produced, cheap products, missing out on the amazing innovations and maker movements that are being generated from there,” Chen, who is based in Australia, said after setting up a new Pozible office in Shanghai.

The crowdfunding site this week reported that one of its very first crowdfunding campaigns for a China-based project, the Gyenno One fitness wristband, smashed its funding target within minutes of going live.

Within 25 minutes of launching their Pozible campaign, the Gyenno One creators were “halfway to selling out of their current stock” and by 2 p.m. local time on Thursday had raised 46 times their funding target, the crowdfunding site said.

“Just after midday on Wednesday, the campaign for the stylish and affordable new wristband Gyenno One was launched. Within a minute it had reached its campaign target of 10,000 Chinese yuan and for several minutes, every time the page was refreshed, the number of pledges doubled,” Chen said.

The Gyenno One is just one of several China-originating projects now in the pipeline for Pozible funding campaigns, he said.

“Over the next few months we look forward to hosting another seven to 10 campaigns, including an app that turns your smartphone into a wireless remote control, a smartwatch that helps health care providers monitor the vital signs of elderly or unwell patients, and various events and fashion projects,” Chen said.

By connecting project backers from around the world with Chinese innovators, Pozible is “effectively bridging the gap between the western world and the Chinese market,” he said.

Pozible is hoping to tap into its largest market for ideas yet with the expansion into China, but the site already has a presence in other, smaller Asian markets like Malaysia and Singapore.

Source : http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2457106,00.asp


Inkshares wants to create a hybrid of traditional book publisher and crowdfunded digital platform


As with so many other media and publishing-related businesses, the book industry has been massively disrupted by the internet, to the point where an increasing number of authors have found success by avoiding the traditional publishing system altogether. But is the old-fashioned publisher model totally without value? The founders of Inkshares don’t think so — which is why they are trying to create a kind of hybrid platform that combines the benefits of crowdfunding with some of the services that traditional publishers have offered in the past.

Independent success stories like young-adult author Amanda Hocking — who wrote and sold her stories on Amazon’s Kindle platform and wound up becoming a multimillionaire in the process — are definitely inspiring, says Inkshares co-founder Adam Gomolin, but to some extent they are “unicorns,” in the sense that not every author is going to be able to duplicate their success.

Gomolin’s co-founder Larry

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