Crowdfunding for authors: Spread the love…and the risk


By Carol Harrison

How do you make a small fortune in publishing? Start with a big fortune.

Pretty gloomy, huh? Well, when stalwarts such as Key Porter Books (2010) and Douglas and McIntyre (2012) go bankrupt or must sell off their assets, it sends shivers up the spines of not only established authors but also those wanting to get established.

You can self-publish your book, but anyone who’s done so knows it can be a big financial commitment—even if you create an ebook to avoid PP&B (paper, printing, and binding) costs. The thing still needs to be edited, proofread, and designed. (And, yes, many ebooks have “covers” to gain visual marketing traction.)

Many authors (or, better, entrepreneurs) are now turning to crowdfunding. In a 2011 study published by the Journal of Service Management, “‘crowdfunding’ is a collective effort by people who network and pool their money together, usually via…

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After Nearly 5 Years And 5M Backers, Kickstarter Gets A New CEO As Two Founders Step Back


News Podge

As it approaches its fifth birthday, Kickstarter’s star continues to rise, as the indie crowdfunding goliath announced yesterday that five million people have now collectively pledged nearly one billion dollars to its crowdfunding projects.

Today, in a somewhat surprising turn after yesterday’s milestones, it appears that an impromptu version of the “Management Shuffle” will be rolling into Kickstarter. In a blog post today, Kickstarter co-founder Perry Chen announced that he will be stepping down from his role as CEO and will instead assume the role of chairman beginning January 1st.

Chen explained that the move will give him more time to pursue his own creative projects: “I’m looking forward to stepping away from the day-to-day to consider our path from a new perspective … [and] I’m also looking forward to having time to work on creative projects of my own, after all these years working on an engine to support them.”

But Chen…

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Crowdfunding : Noob pousse Ulule à moins taxer les gros projets

Dans la foulée du financement participatif de la web-série Noob, Ulule annonce un réajustement de sa tarification pour les projets recevant un soutien massif. Au-delà de 100 000 euros et selon un système de paliers, le taux de commission prélevé par le site sera dégressif. Dans les faits, seule une poignée de projets sera effectivement concernée.