Quoi tu connais pas la start-up ?

Un mode de financement des l’économie comme un autre (euh… je préfère le Crowdfunding quand même, hein…) #jedisçajedisrien 😀


This online journalism startup raised $1.7M in crowdfunding and you’ve never heard of it


We’ve been writing a lot lately about online journalism startups like Matter — which was acquired by Medium and just dropped its paywall — and NSFW Corp., the Vegas-based venture that just merged with Pando Daily. Both have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars and gotten a fair amount of attention, even though they have both failed to remain independent.

But there is an online media startup that is substantially larger than Matter and NSFW put together, both in terms of funding raised and in number of subscribers — and yet it gets surprisingly little attention. That’s because this particular crowdfunding success story is based in Holland. Known as De Correspondent, it launched in September, having raised a relatively massive $1.7 million in donations from almost 19,000 people.

In a post on Medium, the publisher of De Correspondent described the campaign, and what the venture has done since…

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Le Crowdfunding


Le Crowdfunding est une technique ancestrale de financement participatif ; certains la font d’ailleurs remonter à la grande famine dans l’Irlande du XVIIème siècle où des financements innovants et participatifs ont permis d’injecter des fonds dans l’économie rurale qui était dans une situation critique.

Quel en est le principe ?  Un groupe d’individus se forme afin de devenir créancier d’une personne morale ou physique moyennant intérêts. Cette technique permet aux personnes ayant un besoin de financement de passer au travers du système bancaire et donc de ne pas avoir les mêmes contraintes que celles imposées par les établissements de crédits (taux, garanties …).

Dans un contexte où les banques prennent moins de risques, le crowdfunding peut pallier des besoins de financements. C’est par l’intermédiaire de sites Internet comme My Major Company que des citoyens solidaires et des investisseurs rencontrent virtuellement des agents en besoin de financement.

Il existe différentes formes…

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Is Crowdfunding for You? (Infographic)

News Podge

Crowdfunding has been used to raise money for everything from providing disaster relief to funding a startup. However, not every crowdfunding project is a success. Along with genius ideas, you’re sure to come across at least a few scams on websites like Indiegogo and Kickstarter.

Check out three of the most funded crowdfunding projects and three huge failures, as collected by Following the example of success stories like Pebble, Ouya and Veronica Mars, you can collect tips from projects that raised millions of dollars.

Is Crowdfunding for You? (Infographic)

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Telling your story – briefly


What’s the essence of your story?

Brevity is a virtue

You often don’t have long to convince someone your story is worth reading or listening to. Can you convey your message in just 6 words?

Whether or not Ernest Hemingway won a bet by telling this emotive story in just 6 words – there’s no waffle, it makes you think and it creates an emotional tug.

For sale. Baby shoes. Never worn.

(Read about the Hemingway story on Snopes)

Other authors were challenged by the Guardian to write a story in 6 words and the results are published here. Here are some of my favourites.

They awaited sunrise. It never came.
AS Byatt

Megan’s baby: John’s surname, Jim’s eyes.
Simon Armitage

“Mind what gap?” … … …
Hilary Mantel

If you need more inspiration try the Six Word Stories site.

Can you sum up your campaign in 6…

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