What is CivicSourcing?


According to a recent joint report by the Annette Strauss Institute for Civic Life and the National Conference on Citizenship, only 12% of voting-age Texans have contacted an elected official, only 29% regularly discuss politics with their friends and family, and only 39% participate in public affairs-related activities or non-profit organizations. Thus, the vast majority of Texas citizens- especially those under 30 years of age- fail to contribute their opinions, experiences and time to decisions and initiatives that will affect their community. The histogram below shows the level of civic involvement by age group in Texas.

Age and Civic Engagement

An engaged citizen in today’s world is educated about political and community processes, and actively seeks out opportunities to participate. However, vehicles for participation are often incomplete, inaccessible or unknown to those whose immediate networks may also be disengaged, or to those who do not believe their voices can make a difference.


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