The Sharing Economy: A revolution for, not against

Green Resistance (teaching, organizing, and eco-thinking)

The Sharing Economy: Yes, there is another way, and this could be one such way.

It builds communities and thus builds resilience and human connections.

It decreases consumption and thus decreases the pressure on our overburdened ecosystem.

It creates ties amongst people and thus strengthens the pathways to democracy.

And – fundamentally – it is hopeful.

Adam Parsons, in this article, has presented an introduction to the rise of the Sharing Economy.  Check it out.

by Adam Parsons

That article is just the beginning.

Neal Gorenflo writes in his piece entitled “what is next for the sharing movement

“With this, a new social contract is forming based on peer to peer relations, which the P2P Foundation has been exploring for a decade. Instead competing with sharp elbows for rank in the hierarchy, individuals are empowered to face…

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