New Crowdfunding Platform Offers Lowest Fees in the Industry – a new crowdfunding platform offering flexible fundraising options for start-ups and creative projects – is now live.

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Raise up to $100K – 3% / Raise more than $100K – 1%

Now those who want to find funding for their creative projects will be able to keep almost all of the money they raise instead of having to pay hefty fees to the crowdfunding company. No matter how much money you raise at E-Fundie, it’s yours to keep.                  

Tel Aviv, Israel (PRWEB) January 16, 2014

E-Fundie, a new crowfunding platform based in Tel Aviv Israel, today announced the launch of its new crowdfunding platform.

The unique service offers the lowest fees in the industry, allowing users to keep the money they’ve raised, no matter how much money is raised.

In addition, E-Fundie crowdfunding users who raise up to $100,000 pay only 3% of the funds raised. Those who raise over $100,000 will pay only 1% of the funds they raise.

For example, a filmmaker who raises $1 million for a film project at E-Fundie only has to pay a 1%  fee as opposed to the exorbitant 8 or 9% fees charged on average by other crowdfunding websites.

“We are very pleased to offer the most flexible and affordable option in crowdfunding software,” said Ziv Aviv, co-founder of “We saw many projects on other platforms that either didn’t reach the goal and got nothing, or received funding and had to pay huge fees of 5 to 15% along with shipping and other fees. With all those fees, entrepreneurs and creatives are often unable to have the full funding they need to make their dreams reality.”

Anyone from artists to filmmakers and entrepreneurs can use E-Fundie to fund their projects without having to pay fees that set them back after doing the hard work of promoting their crowdfunding campaigns.

About E-Fundie

E-Fundie was founded by Aviv and his partner James Williams, two thirtysomething entrepreneurs and visionaries with a dream of establishing a better way to crowdsource. They envision E-Fundie to offer a place for creative people to find the funding they need – and keep it – by way of a sleek and efficient crowdsourcing platform that combines cutting edge software with excellent customer service. Aviv and Williams invite all projects to come and pay the lowest fees ever offered in the crowdfunding industry.


Mark Harai – (303) 800-0944 / mark(at)bloggerbeat(dot)com

James Williams – CEO / jamesw(at)efundie(dot)com

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