5 Steps to Becoming a Master Fundraiser


In today’s digital age, the process of fundraising continues to go through a myriad of changes. Most recently, we’ve seen the implementation of the JOBS ACT completely transform how entrepreneurs and investors build companies. Crowdfunding has even opened a new window for charities and individuals to quickly raise money for what they’re passionate about.

No matter what bucket you fall into, it’s important to realize the technology and generational shifts that are happening, and prepare yourself to compete in the new fundraising age.  Fortunately, having more tools and transparency today gives us a HUGE advantage in quickly reaching a wide audience for free or very little money at all.

If you are responsible for fundraising, below are 5 steps you can take to becoming a Fundraising Master:


1. Change your mindset

Fundraising isn’t begging, it’s selling.

Selling your startup, selling your vision, selling your program, selling your mission…

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