Is the clock ticking for the sharing economy?

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“The clock could be ticking for businesses like Airbnb, Wimdu, 9Flats and HouseTrip (they forgot Roomorama) as new regulations gradually being introduced in some cities around the world begin to threaten their core business – but the problem is bigger than that.

In new York

While stories like Airbnb’s future in New York being questioned as a result of short-stay regulations have made headline news in the past, there’s a growing backlash against the sharing economy that could spread to other industries.

In New York, Airbnb’s major problem is a rule that clearly defines hotels and apartments (stays of 30 days or longer) as different things. Hotels have to comply with fire regulations and other safety rules while apartments do not. It’s not restricted to the US either, Airbnb has attracted its fair amount of attention in Amsterdam for renters letting out their properties without the appropriate permit.

A domino…

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