2013, Centenaire d’Aimé Césaire : contribuez à la production d’ “Une Saison au Congo” à Broadway, New York ! (19-22 décembre 2013)

Mise en scène par Rico Speight. Avec Ezra Mabengeza.

La MaMa presents Aimé Césaire’s A Season In The Congo, December 19-22, 2013. This historic program celebrates the 100th anniversary of the birth of the famed poet, playwright and politician.

In A Season in the Congo, surreality subtends history.  Splicing film, dance, music, and poetry, this spirited production recalls the global impact of Patrice Lumumba, “the poet leader who lights the fire of Africa,” and introduces his timeless legacy to a new generation.

For all times, the transformative aesthetic of Aimé Césaire evokes intense drama and incites “a delight in changing reality.” A Season in the Congo, Césaire’s  most political theatrical work, was first published in 1965.  Is there a need for political theatre today?  Urgently! Yet the fact remains that political theatre is still risky business in our culture.

Please join us in supporting A Season in the Congo.  Contributions are tax deductible and will underwrite the December 2013 restaging of the play. Thank you for your generosity.

Please donate HERE


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