Top Ten Reasons Crowdfunding Campaigns Fail (and What Can Bring Them Back)

A crowdfunding campaign is an intense drama. You put heart and soul into your project. You believe in your mission. You launch a campaign and obsessively track your contributions. You go down to the wire as you work your social media connections. You contact bloggers and journalists and see if they will write about your passion and help you. The clock ticks down and, in the final moments, you don’t make your goal.

It’s devastating and disheartening. But crowdfunding campaigns that don’t make it the first time can often have another shot.

In the last few months I’ve witnessed some crowdfunding squeakers — campaigns that didn’t look like they were going to make it, but pulled through at the last moment. The people running those campaigns knew how to plan, when to pivot and when try new things. When their campaigns hit the the wall, they knew what to do.

To understand their success, let’s look at what’s behind a crowdfunding failure. Then we’ll examine the crowdfunding afterlife.

Read whole story on Huffington Post


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