Time to share: Interview with Francesca Pick about the collaborative economy

Looking for common help to create more sustainable and collaborative societies

She is passionate about the sharing economy, sustainable business models and finding a way to build trust on the web: Francesca Pick is a core member of the global community for the collaborative economy OuiShare and co-editor for of the online p2p magazine OuiShare.net. She speaks, writes and consults about how the collaborative economy is disrupting our economy, the power of community and collaboration.

Francesca Pick

OuiShare is an independent, not-for-profit organization founded in 2012. It has evolved from a handful of Parisian enthusiasts to a global community spread across Europe, Latin America and the Middle East. OuiShare today is a global network empowering citizens, public institutions and companies to build a society in which every person has access to the resources and opportunities they need to thrive.

From September till November, the OuiShare Team tours Europe to spread the word about the collaborative economy and meet local entrepreneurs, economists, designers, researchers and public officials.

Whole story here


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