Week 11 Lecture Reaction: The Value of Crowdsourcing, ROI, Traffic, and Monetization

Trendy Social Media


The imminence and discernibility offered by social media marketing has convinced many brands that it’s worth their time and effort, but calculating its effectiveness is another story. Best practices for measuring social media ROI are still evolving, and even though brands are designating an increasing percentage of their budgets to social channels, many are still skeptical about its value and ROI.

In the past, most marketing involved unilateral communication. Traveling salespeople knew their audience well, and went door-to-door to deliver custom personal messages about their products to prospective buyers.

Eventually, this evolved into attracting an audience via a bilateral approach, with brands using tools like survey responses, subscription data, and Nielsen scores before delivering advertising via traditional media.

In the digital age brand marketers are using numerous approaches in an effort to be part of the conversation, and are leveraging multiple social channels to do so. It’s very easy to…

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